What We Do

waptCloud is an affordable cloud based Application Security platform.It provides the Security and Penetration testing of applications along with managed vulnerability scanning and provides solutions for any potential problems discovered.Your application security is our top priority.We ensure the safety of your application 24x7 round the year.

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  • Easy-to-use portal
  • Zero Installations
  • customizable packages for every business
  • Affordable Pricing
  • No Limits on scannings
  • Platform Independent
  • Multiuser Management platform
  • Continuous and On-Demand offering
  • Scheduling - Start Scanning Immediately
  • Zero-day vulnerabilities detection
  • Manual application logic testing
  • Global access - Central Cloud Platform
  • Centralized Findings Dashboard
  • Scan Analytics
  • Real-Time Notifications
  • Zero false-positives guaranteed
  • CVE, CWE and CVSSv3 certified solution
  • Customized solution for each flaw
  • Instant and scheduled patch verification
  • Remediation Guidance and Tracking
  • Access to application security experts
  • Secure Documents Exchange
  • Generating and comparing reports
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Unlimited Email Support

What is Penetration testing?

A Web Application Penetration Testing (WAPT) is an attack on a website or security audit of a website for finding security issues and vulnerabilities.

Need of WAPT

- To find weakness in website and databases.
- Gather information to prevent data incidents.
- Demonstrate the potential consequences of a breach.
- To free from Financial, reputation and data loss.

Top Vulnerabilities

SQL Injection(SQL), Cross site scripting(XSS), Cross site request forgery(CSRF), File Upload, Directory Transversal, Broken Authentication and session management, Un-validates redirects, Insecure data object reference, Sensitive Data Exposure

Standards followed

- OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities detection
- PCI DSS 6.5.x vulnerabilities detection
- SANS Top 25 vulnerabilities detection
- PCI DSS & NIST compliant methodologies

Wapt Cloud's Benefits

Increased Scalability
Increased Brand Value Proposition
Increase ROI of the applications investment
Increase Cyber-defence capability
Satisfy regulatory requirements
Loss Reduction in Risk Management

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Protect your company's profits and reputation
Reassurance that your mission-critical data is secure
Increase Business Continuity
Protect Clients, Partners And Third Parties
Peace of mind

Security Research

Every day, we get to know a new headline about an attack on company websites. That makes application security a critical initiative for each and every organization - no matter their size or industry. But, websites and web applications tend to change on a continuous basis, so organizations must ensure that they have the right security measures in place to protect vulnerabilities from potential attacks round the clock or 24x7. What application security threats do you face? How should organizations choose an application security testing provider? And how can vendors help developers identify the source of the problem at the code level? In this Security Research program, we are trying to answer all those questions and more with our research team who are recognized by the industry's leading experts. They'll reveal what the future of application security testing holds for all organizations, especially yours.

Hacker's Zone

This is a debate whether hacking is "Ethical or Unethical" & every security professional has different views regarding the same. As per law it's not ethical or unethical it's whether you are Authorized or not. All Unauthorized access is punishable/liable under IT Act 2000/2008 or Cyber Law. If you are trying to break into a system or something, you are committing a crime. If the Intentions are wrong then it's a Crime.

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To find and fix vulnerabilities.

To know security mistakes by your development team.

To make your website safe to use.

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